Facebook will make it easier to find blood donors starting October 1

Facebook will make it easier to find blood donors starting October 1

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Facebook is making it easier to find blood donors on its platform. Starting October 1 which is National Blood Donor Day, users in India will be able to sign-up to be blood donors. The social media giant will show a message in News Feed encouraging people to sign-up for the initiative or people can edit their Profile to become a donor.

“Today we’re announcing a new effort to make it easier for people to sign up to be donors and a new way to connect people and organizations with information and tools to find blood donors when needed,” Facebook said in a blog post. To develop this feature, the company has worked with people who’ve used Facebook to find blood donors as well as nonprofit organizations and health industry experts.

All information of donors will remain private on Facebook unless they choose to share their donor status on their timeline. Facebook says that donor information will be set to “only me” by default. The feature will initially be made available on Android and mobile web.

Facebook is planning to make it easier for people, blood banks, and hospitals to connect with blood donors on its platform. The feature is expected to roll out in the next few weeks. The social media giant will let individuals, organisations create a special type of post when in need of blood. The post will have all the information donors need to make the process seamless.

Following request or special post, Facebook will automatically notify nearby blood donors as well as spread the word. Finally, donors can review requests, and contact people or organisations directly via WhatsApp, Messenger or a phone call. People in need of blood won’t be able to see donor’s information unless the donor provides it.

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